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buckygoddamnbarnes asked: ok im confused- what exactly happened during that margot verger flashback? what was that trying to show?


She was being held to the floor by Mason, her abusive brother, who I think we’re set to meet properly in episode 10 — He’ll be played by Michael Pitt. I believe the show will change some points about his character though, so there’s no need to go into all that yet…but I suppose you’re mostly asking about the tears and the martini?

In the book, Mason (or rather Cordell — a charcter not necessary yet though) collects tears on gauze and then stirs them into martinis so Mason can literally drink the pain/fear he’s caused others.

The whole scene was a homage to the novel, right down to the tank with the eel, which I hope comes into play later if the show gets that far! They definitely set up the possibility for a nice bookended storyline, anyway.

That’s smart. She keeps pushing him on his feelings, not on the facts. She’s trying to gauge how comfortable he is with emotion, if he has any. He couldn’t bear being touched by her.

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